Baby Gramps a bona fide, genuine character on American musical scene

by Sean McCourt, Santa Cruz Sentinel; November 15th, 2012  Link to full article

Review of Baby Gramps

Mixing the myth-making mystique of a traveling troubadour of the past with an incredible array of musical influences ranging from the blues, folk, country, jazz, ragtime, sea shanties and other sounds from around the world, there is no other performer out there on the road today quite like Baby Gramps.

Coaxing a vast array of sounds out of his well-worn vintage National guitars, the seasoned performer – he isn’t particularly forthcoming about his exact age, other than stating he has been playing guitar for 50 years – uses a variety of both conventional and somewhat odd playing techniques, such as fretting with his elbow and throat singing to lay a solid musical foundation. He then weaves tales of all manner and subject, brought to life with his gravelly voice, palindrome- laden lyrics, and footstomping stage persona.

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