Crawdaddy! interview with Baby Gramps

by Denise Sullivan, Crawdaddy!; August 13th, 2008 Link to article and interview

Interview with Gramps

Crawdaddy!: Do you remember who or what inspired your interest in words and wordplay?

Baby Gramps: When I was young, it was my father. He would say, “Pronounce ‘GHOTI.’ ‘Goatee.’ Nope. You take the GH off the end of tough, the O out of women, and the TI off of emotion. It’s pronounced ‘fish.’” When I toured with Phish, I thought that might be an interesting CD title for them, as I named a Béla Fleck and the Flecktones album UFO Tofu when I toured with them.

Crawdaddy!: How did you discover your voice had its various extraordinary qualities?

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