Crawdaddy! review, “A Grand Ol’ Timeously With Baby Gramps”

by Denise Sullivan, Crawdaddy!; August 13th, 2008 Link to article and interview

A Grand Ol’ Timeously With Baby Gramps

Two summers ago, when people were oohing and arghing about Johnny Depp doing Keith Richards as Captain Jack Sparrow again, Depp and Pirates director Gore Verbinski also presented Rogues Gallery: Pirate Ballads, Sea Songs, & Chanteys, a two-CD set produced by Hal Willner (the tribute album guy). Okay, so pirate-mania didn’t exactly extend to the revival of sea-faring songs, but among the upshots of the Rogues project was that it brought the name Baby Gramps into the homes of those who bought the collection for its rare and one-off Bono, Sting, Nick Cave, Rufus Wainwright, and Tom Waits-doing-pirate tracks. (Waits’ fans may already know Gramps, and if not, you might appreciate his gravelly, old-time warble and barbed humor with a whole lotta heart.) And yet, with all that star power (Richard Thompson, Bryan Ferry, and

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