Baby Gramps shreds you to bits with folk and blues music

That was him opening for Phish. Why didn’t he just headline, and Phish could serve drinks at the show? It would be thus in the Undergang Archive universe.

Now we have a confession: We don’t actually have a whole Baby Gramps album in the archives. This might be the formentioned legend like image we have of him. Would a man like that record in a studio? No no, we tell ourselves, he only plays live and on trains and has free concerts if you are a pigeon. But he does have albums, lots of them in fact. So buy some of them, after writing this post we know we will. That will truly be supporting independent music.

Check out his website, and more of the videos of him on YouTube, like this one. Here is the link to his shop again.

If you get the chance to see him live, DO IT. You can leave when Phish comes on, just seeing Baby Gramps live is worth the price of admission. PS Bring your kids.

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