Baby Gramps shreds you to bits with folk and blues music

by Undergang Archive; January 29th, 2012  Link to full article

Review of Baby Gramps

We were sure that nobody knew about Baby Gramps but us and our crazy guitar teacher. That’s probably because the only time we’ve ever seen Baby Gramps live was at a tiny community center in rural California with said guitar teacher on the washboard bass. We had never heard of him, and even though the show was full (yes, all 40 of us) we figured that he was an unknown. We should have know better, because the show WAS EPIC. In the most epic of ways. People had to be paying attention, remembering who Baby Gramps was, and he had to have been playing guitar when he came out of the womb.Nobody seems to know how old this guy is. He is from Florida, but has lived and worked out of the pacific northwest since forever. He is a known and revered musician in Washington state, but not really big outside of the state. Or is he? He has been on Letterman, toured with Phish, and played music all over the USA.

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