Baby Gramps shreds you to bits with folk and blues music

So people must know him, but how is he so big, without having really broken through? According to our former guitar teacher, he met Baby Gramps at a park in Seattle in the middle of the night playing for the pigeons. Our guitar teacher also said that Baby Gramps loves trains, so would normally only play concerts in towns where there were train stations. This information built up a legend like figure of this man in our heads. And rightfully so, for he is enigmatic. And dude can play guitar, like nobody’s business. He plays an old national, the all metal body acoustic guitar. But enough typey-type hula dancing, it’s the music you want to hear.

How fucking cool is that? He loves to play children’s music, and when we saw him, he interacted mostly with the children in the crowd, engaging them and encouraging a sing-a-long. But he’ll gladly bust something out for us jaded adults too:

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