10 questions for Baby Gramps

To answer your question about staying up all night, I’m burning the midnight oil and continuing through the midnight of the soul, which is 3 a.m. and beyond, as mentioned in my song “Ghost Train of Freak Mountain.” The song is about hopping freights and running moonshine. I will be performing this song at the festival. It is on my most recent album, “Outertainment” (2010), available at the festival and on my website, www.babygramps.com. I write and do my artwork all night. My whole life is creativity. Maybe I am a folk artiste?

2. What’s your strategy when you play a festival like this – an outdoor, summer, family affair?

I look for the child in the adult. It’s as invigorating as playing on the David Letterman show or the Sydney Opera House. I like the intimacy with the audience.

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