Whiskers, Whiskey, and Stewart Grammy Phones

the evening started with my other old friend “Rolling Joe” out in the street checking out the grampa phone. I guess it should not have been a surprise since this is the guy who told Peter Stampfel that he would record if he could, on wax cartridges for a gramophone. Peter, however, was able to talk Baby Gramps into playing for a CD recorder and history was made once again when the Buzzard sat on the gut wagon and somebody got lost on Freak Mountain. Now that was an important tidbit of history because it made it all possible for the “Outertainment “ CD to become available for Victory music members like us.

Unless for some reason I get out to Seattle in the next few weeks I will just have to wait until the first Friday in August to listen to and talk with Baby Gramps again. I look forward to it. The older I get the possibility of chatting with those that have similar likes in music as well as history get to be rarer and further in between. Many of my original friends and musicians have decided to cash in their chips and buy a ticket to the old rock candy

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