Whiskers, Whiskey, and Stewart Grammy Phones

This last Friday I went to see him, Christopher Yarrow was playing the bass. Gramps told me that Chris is heading down to the Oregon Country Fair with him that weekend and needed to know a couple of the new songs. They sounded really good along with the addition of Curtis King on saw and bizarre instruments like train whistle. Curtis usually plays bass and has Christopher filling all the deep holes but the two of them fill in the music with the gramps-man supplying all the best of songs in his unending repertoire. It was only close to the midnight hour but the shoe man came in then. Shuffle Shoe has a wonderful Saturday morning soft shoe he does while hitting the Alto sax and a couple of other archaic and normal instruments. It was shaping up for a really good ending but I had to leave a bit early.

All of these performers add an invisible jug band feel to the Gramps show. As I said before, Gramps had surprised me with a real worn little Stewart Gramophone that he had picked up in upstate New York. That was how

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