Whiskers, Whiskey, and Stewart Grammy Phones

of San Francisco and boy has he gotten better since then. I guess in a sense he reminds me of my hero when I was sixteen, Jim Kweskin. I was a big jug band fan when I was in high School, in love with Jug band music. I went digging around various folkways and national archive records to find other jug bands, and later saw Gramps in what would soon become the flower power hippie center of the universe. San Francisco was loaded with talent that had decided to move there, drawn magically by some unknown force. His act then as now was one of the best and has endured. It seems as though Baby Gramps somehow transposed himself into a vaudevillian front man for a jug band. What a pleasure it is to see the past come jumping out at you, to hear the music of the past, present and future. All of this is on his new CD “Outertainment”, with his oddball musical partner Peter Stampfel from the “Holy Modal Rounders” and the bassist Dave Reisch.

The Jug band is a constant, but the performers change all the time.

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