Whiskers, Whiskey, and Stewart Grammy Phones

part but if he finds one it will no doubt work very well with any and all wax cylinders that he may be able to find. It is a good thing too because I hear the Stewart Gramophone company needs the business. If Gramps has his way he would like to redo his CD’s as wax cylinders so it fits his antique nature just a bit better.

Since it was the first of July, the light was very nice for a couple of pictures of the bearded wanderer. It was pretty hot at the Laurelthirst Tavern that evening even though “The Gramps” was competing with the “Waterfront Blues Festival”. Baby Gramps has enough aficionados to be able to draw away from the festival and lure them into his web of cunning word play and music. His normal act was tempered with some pretty highbrow blues just to commemorate the occasion.

For the first half of this year now I have been heading out to listen to this legend. I had not heard him since the mid 1960’s on the waterfront

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