Hot Bands interview

(Baby Gramps) Oh yes! There were several Popeye’s, but that voice goes back even before my time. Back in the 1920s there was some recordings of throat singing, and it was usually associated with salty old sailors, which is what Popeye portrayed.

(HotBands) You’re obviously a big hit with children because you really are a lot like a live version of a Saturday morning cartoon, and you do a lot of shows for children these days. Is this something you grew into?

(Baby Gramps) Yeah it is, but I don’t remember how I got into it but a lot of my props on stage kids love…I have a robot, a two headed teddy bear called Yogi Beara double header, and a six legged pink elephant named Packy-Derm. Kids relate, but I’m looking for that child in the adult as well, to get them to think about stuff a little more and about this whole world.

(HotBands) I think people are drawn to you because you bring out the inner child in everybody. I see everybody at your shows smiling,

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