Hot Bands review

by Patrick Ferris; June 1, 2003 Link to full article and interview

Review of the CD, “Same Ol’ Timeously”

The caption “A Ghost From The Past” is listed on the back of Baby Gramps first CD, Same Ol’ Timeously, and nothing could be closer.

Baby Gramps is a true American musical treasure that represents an art form that nearly became extinct in the early 20th century. A mainstay in the Northwestern United States music scene and a well known artifact throughout the world of folk festivals, Gramps goes beyond being a beloved entertainer and an amazing ‘stunt guitarist’; he’s an artist and a philanthropist, doing many charities for the homeless, always stopping to say hello to anybody that greets him, and putting a smile on the faces of thousands of people.

I’ve worked toward this interview for the past few months and it has

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