Hot Bands interview

of my strings except one…Henrietta, so I don’t play with anybody else unless THEY really want to play with me. All these other acts that I play with; Bela Fleck and the Flecktones, Leftover Salmon, String Cheese Incident…I’ve toured with all of these bands but it’s because they’ve asked me. I’m a jammin’ kind of guy, but I’m like jammin’ in my head all the time. I’m really more of a juggler…I juggle all the notes, take them apart and let them fall where they may.

(HotBands) When you were starting off in music, did you always play this style?

(Baby Gramps) No, I metamorphosized into that as I’ve grown. I feel like I’m growing faster every day and the more I feed my head with all the oddiocities in life the more I realize my path. You know the first song ever recorded on wax was ‘Mary had a little lamb’ by Edison himself. A lot of that was lost throughout history. Blues wasn’t allowed to be recorded until 1923 and nothing ever got on Edison records…none of the one-man

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