Hot Bands interview

(HotBands) By the time you were say 10-14 years old, were you involved with music in school? Did you have any type of formal training?

(Baby Gramps) I never went to school much. I was never much interested in school or school activities, and am pretty much self-taught. I have my own library with thousands of books and records. I do remember one instance in a history class my teacher saw my interest in music and my attempts at creating my own sheet music by drawing it out with a ruler. He didn’t care what I was doing, just that I was doing something creative so he got me some real music paper to save me some time. That was a big influence and I’d like to thank him someday but I’m going to have to wait till I get to that hobo convention in the sky.

(HotBands) Did you have any type of formal training in music? Do you read music?

(Baby Gramps) No, I can’t read a note and don’t’ even know the names

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