Hot Bands interview

(Baby Gramps) My old man had an old National steel guitar that’s on my CD cover. I retired that guitar after the CD was recorded. I have quite a collection of these types of guitars. I was really the only one around these parts that was playing on one back in the old days and I collected them. They’re virtually indestructible but I’ve worn out a few. The one on the CD was held together by vice-grips…the strings wore big rivers in the fret board and wore the frets all the way down to the wood.

(HotBands) You’re probably the only person I’ve ever known that has worn out a steel guitar.

(Baby Gramps) Well, I play it pretty hard and wouldn’t try what I do on something like a Martin. I used to have a Martin, but these guitars I play, the National steel guitars and the brass one’s I have are indestructible except for the wear I do put on them. I actually have a collection of over 200 instruments of all types, and I’m writing a book about odd instruments that I’ve been working on for 40 years. I have shoebox ukuleles and

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