Hot Bands interview

into health especially these days. I wrote a song about Beelzebub’s Bean (coffee), which is a vice I’ll still occasionally enjoy. I do take care of myself. It’s all about being healthy, you know? I mean, I want to be doing this (performing) the rest of my life.

(HotBands) You’ve been an Icon in the Seattle music scene forever and your music is loved by 4 generations of fans. You’re very animated, almost like a cartoon character. You make people laugh, and your voice sounds like…well, I hope you don’t mind, but I described you as a cross between Popeye the sailor and a Didgeridoo.

(Baby Gramps) That’s flattering! I was written up on the front page of the Seattle Times after Bumbershoot one year, and they described me as sounding like “Kermit the Frog on acid” which is a definition they got from a grade-school boy at one of my shows.

(HotBands) How did you get involved with music?

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