Hot Bands interview

(Baby Gramps) I have one CD, 2 videos and 1 DVD released to date. Beyond that, I don’t really think about it…things always seem to just fall in place.

(HotBands) What’s important to you today as opposed to what was important to you 20 years ago?

(Baby Gramps) Well, I have one foot on the path, one in the grave and one on a banana peel…a three-legged man in a two-legged race. Seriously, the most important thing to me is my health. I went to the Fremont Fair this year…hadn’t been there in years, and someone came up to me and said “You’re alive!”. There have been rumors I was dead and/or sick, but I want to thank my lucky stars that I’ve been in perfect health. I’ve been pacing myself I guess.

(HotBands) What words can you offer the readers about life?

(Baby Gramps) It all comes down to having a good time with it.

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