Hot Bands interview

to the libraries, so I fed my head with everything that I was interested in.

(HotBands) Over the last 40 years, you’ve reached tens of thousands of people with your music. What type of insight can you offer someone that is getting started as a professional musician?

(Baby Gramps) In order to be a millionaire folk singer, you need to start off with two million, so my advice is that if you’re doing it for the money, I got no advice…if you’re doing it to get women…well…I wouldn’t advise that either. Follow your path no matter what it is…if you like doing something that is what you should be doing for your living. Everything falls into place after that. I’m into this because I love it…I love what I’m doing. My best advice is not to do it for all the reasons I just stated, and to follow your path because of the path…not the view from the path.

(HotBands) Where from here?

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