Hot Bands interview

materialize what I’d like the most. Things I’ve worked on for years. I have thousands of songs and I’m also a visual artist and paint every day…heck, I was born with a paintbrush (he fondles a braid in his long white beard). The ‘Possum Opera’ came out of this miniature world I created, and the songs are about what life would be like in this town. My dream is to come out with my books…I’ve written hundreds of books and would like to see some of my stories come to life by working with The Quay Brothers who are world-renowned for their still motion animation. My dream is to have my world come to life in animation. I love working and writing songs on the road…any of those songs where you see me stomping my foot were songs I wrote on the road.

(HotBands) You’re obviously very well read and well educated…what was the highest grade in school you achieved?

(Baby Gramps) As I said, I’m not into numbers but after I got to Seattle, I would spend time on (UW) campus attending lectures and had access

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