Hot Bands interview

(Baby Gramps) Probably the Oregon Country Fair. The overall feel of the fair is really nice. Last year they had a scavenger hunt, and one of the things was to find Baby Gramps and do a sing-along with him, so all these people are fighting over me, saying “I found him first”… It was beautiful! I’ll be there again…2nd weekend in July.

(HotBands) Is there a time of year that you set up for touring?

(Baby Gramps) I used to work on my poems and songs in the winter and tour in the summer, but anymore, I don’t have the time at any time of year and have to write my songs on the road. I’m working on a hillbilly opera and am currently in a play, which is where I just came from and why I still have white clown makeup under my eyes.

(HotBands) What do you look forward to in life these days?

(Baby Gramps) That’s a good question! I guess having some of my dreams

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