Hot Bands interview

Halloween album…I have over 400 Halloween songs. There are so many things I want to do.

(HotBands) Do you like to travel?

(Baby Gramps) No, I don’t like to travel but am flying around more than I like to. I’ll be in Edmonton with Artis the Spoonman next month. It’s a gas traveling across the border with Artis because they look at me like a kaopectate model and then they see Artis and start blowing the whistles, and when he pulls his string on his pouch and all his knives, forks and spoons fall all over the floor…and the cops all gather ’round and start blowing whistles and once all the security starts running and gets to us, he starts playing. The cops give him a standing ovation and don’t pay any mind to me…little do they know what I’m hiding in my beard!

(HotBands) What is your favorite festival and what do you look forward to the most each year.

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