Hot Bands interview

and it seems you have a lot of his influence in your playing.

(Baby Gramps) I don’t play like that much anymore. I did all that stuff in the early days…you know if you want to be the drunk on the tightrope, you gotta learn how to do it the right way. I was able to see a lot of these guys before they died. That was my foundation of my music. They’re all gone now except for a couple of them.

(HotBands) A lot of your songs sound like nursery rhymes. The worm song is an example of a kid’s rhyme that you turned into a song.

(Baby Gramps) There are lots of things out there like that. Snippets of kids rhymes from different parts of the country that were never really recorded, so I put them together as I remember them…which is why the songs sound different every time.

(HotBands) What brought you to Seattle?

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