Hot Bands interview

laughing and having a good time. We all seek reflections of our own image, and you are a great mirror for the child in all of us.

(Baby Gramps) Well, thanks. I’m just a kid at heart and the old world is pretty tough, you know? We each have to do what we can to get by.

(HotBands) On your guitar I noticed the knob at the top. Is that so you can spin your guitar without hurting it?

(Baby Gramps) That’s a facet I added. It’s a brass knob I drilled on and it has a seventh string going down the hollow of the neck to make it resonate. Ooops I shouldn’t have told you that! That’s a secret so mum’s the word! Mum spelled backwards is mum! But yeah, it’s also so I can spin the guitar without hurting it, and these are valuable instruments.

(HotBands) You do a lot of stage antics…playing with your elbow and the back of your hand.

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