Hot Bands review

An entertainer through and through, Baby Gramps is like a Saturday morning cartoon character that touches the inner child in all of us. His voice is a cross between Popeye the sailor and a Didgeridoo and the plinkity plink of his VERY worn National steel guitar, sounds like a wind up jack in the box. If you listen closely and know anything about music, you’ll realize Gramps is an absolutely incredible guitar player. Being a professional musician for over 40 years can’t help but give you some sort of chops, but Gramps is a modern day Robert Johnson; a revolutionary guitarist that, like Theloneous Monk on piano, can play the notes ‘between the cracks’.

In conversation, he can’t go for more than a few sentences without sneaking in a pun or a palindrome (a sentence that is the same forward as backward), and was witty, funny and respectful of every drunk in the pub that stopped by to slobber out a greeting.

Link to interview by Patrick Ferris

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