Whiskers, Whiskey, and Stewart Grammy Phones

by Dennis Deem, Victory Music; July 2011 Link to full article

Review of Baby Gramps

Baby Gramps, my favorite vaudevillian, just returned from the New York side of the country with trinkets and new stories to amaze and woo the audience. We all got a lot of good laughs and found out that he is planning some new gigs in the Tacoma area. Well if that ain’t the cat’s meow now that I live in the Portland area, instead of Tacoma. My old friend has a performance at the Java Jive coffee cup. Oh well, I guess I may miss that one but it sounds like a good one.

One surprise in the trinkets he brought back was a lesser-known item of the twenties, a Stewart Gramophone. Gramps is a big fan of the old Grammy phone days, so he asked me to take a picture of him with his new acquisition before we talked about anything else. It is missing the phone

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