10 questions for Baby Gramps

by Peter Crowley, Adirondack Daily Enterprise; August 30th, 2012 Link to full article

Interview with Baby Gramps

SARANAC LAKE – Thanks to Baby Gramps, this year’s fourth annual Hobofest may come closest to its railroad vagabond theme.

None of the music festival’s past performers quite suit the role as well as this eccentric Seattle singer-guitarist – this year’s headliner and farthest-traveling performer. He looks the part of a veteran boxcar flyer, with his thrift store finery and bushy, braided beard. He’s researched the role, too; he’s something of a student of hobo-ism and other aspects of the Great Depression. Although he’s quite skilled at playing his National steel-body guitar, he covers it with spasmodic jerks and oddball moves like fretting the strings with his elbow – hinting at the mental damage found among some train tramps. Rhythmically, he can flirt with going off the rails, but doesn’t quite. It’s all part of the entertainment.

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