Crawdaddy! interview with Baby Gramps

Baby Gramps: Early ’30s jazz cartoons. The surrealism cartoon music is just as surreal as Tex Avery’s eyes popping out.

Crawdaddy!: How did “Teddy Bears’ Picnic” come to be your theme song?

Baby Gramps: Because of Halloween.

Crawdaddy!: What’s the origin of your love of Halloween?

Baby Gramps: “Teddy Bears’ Picnic.”

Crawdaddy!: Can you give us a profile of a Baby Gramps fan?

Baby Gramps: Tommy Dean has been listening to me since he was five years old. He’s 22 now. He even does my song, “Old Man of the Sea” from the pirate album, Rogues Gallery. He stole the show on my Northwest Folklife Festival stage this year. [Folklife is an annual Seattle music event].

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