Crawdaddy! interview with Baby Gramps

Fats Domino, Little Richard.

Crawdaddy!: Do you still play 78s at home, for your own enjoyment?

Baby Gramps: Yup, I still play 78s, especially when the lights go out in a storm. I also play Blonde on Blonde, a 33 RPM, at 16 RPM whenever I get lonely for Charles Brown or a soul singer.

Crawdaddy!: When did you start playing music publicly and where?

Baby Gramps: Parties and pizza parlors. They’d put me up on a little table.

Crawdaddy!: Who inspired you with the practice of storytelling to go along with the songs?

Baby Gramps: Uncle Dave Macon, Uncle Josh [a pioneer of comedy recording at the turn of the century] on 78s and cylinders, old geezers

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