Crawdaddy! interview with Baby Gramps

Baby Gramps: I discovered I could do Popeye when I was knee-high to a tootsie-wootsie.

Crawdaddy!: I read in an interview posted on your website that you learned the elbow technique hanging out with Furry Lewis. Was he as good-spirited as his recordings?

Baby Gramps: I can remember partying with Furry in Seattle, down on Fairview on Lake Union, until we almost sunk the house boat we were in! This was years before he toured with some huge band.

Crawdaddy!: What other blues players from his era did you see play/meet/observe?

Baby Gramps: I was fortunate at a very young age to experience the Reverend Gary Davis, John Lee Hooker, Elizabeth Cotten, Mance Lipscomb, Big Joe Williams, Buell Kazee, Roscoe Holcomb, Mississippi

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