Pegasus News Concert Review: Baby Gramps at The Aardvark

His voice is easier to describe, just think of a cross between Tuvan throat singing and the sound a didgeridoo makes.

Yet unlike throat singers and didgeridoos, which usually just make tones- strange, prolonged, guttural tones, Baby Gramps actually sings words. Let’s just say it sounds like it probably hurts to do that. And it’s a little scary to watch, as well.

Of course I mean that in a good way.

Along with the spastic playing (or “stunt guitar” as he calls it) Gramps has a kind of intense look while he performs. Underneath his fedora, his eyes fix on nothing but the center of the room and stare out hard from behind a pair of wire rim glasses and a wild silver cloud of a beard. He definitely gets your attention.

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