Sing Out! The Folk Song Magazine review

and palms, scribbling, telepathic tem-pos and angled off-notes. Dazzlers include the set opening instru-mental “Ankle Wrench Rag,” a sing-a-long take-off on Mack McClintock’s “Big Rock Candy Mountain” (that he topically refits for the Greenwich Village audience), his vibrant original “Charge It to the Dust and Let the Rain Settle It” and a wily ragtime version of the 1930 standard “Dream a Little Dream of Me.” Also noted is another quirky original, “Skillets of Snakes” and an extended encore segment from his Pos-sum Opera work-in-progress. Lots of close-ups, clean split-screen shots and fine sound that picks up all the happy-go-lucky vocal conjurations. An American musical treasure, Gramps is one of those rare performers who has to be seen to be believed. An earlier West Coast concert DVD is also available.

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